Dear Parishioners,

May the peace of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ be with you.  The Covid-19 lockdown has been extended again by a week in the greater Melbourne metropolis.  Hence, our liturgical celebrations shall remain online only until Thursday June 10th.

We acknowledge our year four students in two of our primary schools, (St John’s and St Augustine’s), who were scheduled to receive the Eucharist for the first time this Sunday, (6th June).   A new date shall be rescheduled once participation in religious activities in person resumes again.

Daily mass schedule shall be as follows:

                                                                        Friday June 4th – 9.15am

                                                                        Saturday June 5th – 9.15am  &  6.00pm

                                                                        Sunday June 6th – 10.30am

                                                                        Monday June 7th – 9.15am

                                                                       Tuesday June 8th – 9.15am

                                                                       Wednesday June 9th – 9.15am

                                                                       Thursday June 10th – 9.15am


Please reach out to each other during this lockdown. May the Good Lord bring this pandemic to an end, Amen.


Kind Regards,



Fr Chinua Okeke CSSp

Parish Priest.

4th June 2021

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