Dear Parishioners,
May the Grace and Peace of our Lord be with you. As you are aware, Victoria is now in another lockdown due to the Corona virus. For the duration of the lockdown, we shall be having daily Eucharistic celebration online. The weekday Eucharistic celebration will be at 9.15am. The Sunday mass shall include a Sunday vigil mass which will be celebrated on Saturday evening at 6.00pm and a 10.30am mass on Sunday morning.
The First Eucharist scheduled for Saturday 7th August and Sunday 8th August are postponed. New dates will be scheduled as soon as feasible.
In your prayers, have a special intention for the end of the pandemic and for solace to the places that the pandemic is currently causing major havoc which include Myanmar, India, and Indonesia.

Please reach out to your neighbours during this lockdown and may the Good Lord Bless you all. Amen.

Yours in Christ,

Fr Chinua Okeke CSSp
Parish Priest

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