Dear Parishioners,

May the Peace and Love of Christ be with you all. With the gradual lifting of the lockdown announced by the premier Daniel Andrews today, I wish to bring to your attention that from tomorrow Wednesday 28th July, you can participate in the Eucharistic celebrations at the church in person.

Pre-bookings are not required for weekday masses and for all Eucharistic celebrations in St John’s Church. In St Francis Xavier Church, Pre-booking shall not be required to participate at this coming Sunday, August 1st, but would be required for the 8.30am, 10.30am and 5.30pm on the 8th of August.

The First Eucharist for candidates in Government schools scheduled to take place on this Sunday at 12.00 noon at SFX will proceed as scheduled. All the candidates are invited to avail of the sacrament of Reconciliation on Friday 30th July at 5.00pm. Rehearsal for First Eucharist shall take place after the Reconciliation ceremony.
I shall get in touch with our primary schools to reschedule First Eucharist dates.

Fr Jude and I extend our thanks to you all for your care and concern during the lockdown.
May the Lord continue to Bless and Protect us. Amen

Kind Regards,

Fr Chinua Okeke CSSp.

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