October 20, 2021.

Dear Parishioners,

Grace and peace be to you all. With the reopening of Melbourne from 11.59pm on Thursday October 21st the churches are allowed to reopen and to offer religious services which either twenty worshippers who are fully vaccinated or ten worshippers whose vaccination status are unknown can physically participate in.

Our Archbishop, Most Rev, Peter Comensoli has granted general permission for churches in Melbourne metropolis to reopen, while leaving it to individual parishes to make the determination if they would reopen immediately or wait until Victoria reaches eighty percent of double vaccination which would allow up to fifty double vaccinated people and perhaps up to 20 worshippers whose vaccination status are unknown to be in church

In the past, we have opened our churches even when only five people were allowed. However, in the current circumstance of making a distinction between the fully vaccinated and those whose vaccination status are unknown, I have decided after consultation to delay the reopening of our churches until Sunday 31st October. By then, Victoria would have reached 80 percent of double vaccination, and with the higher number of worshippers that will be allowed in the church, it will be easier to manage our daily masses both for the vaccinated and for those whose status are unknown.

In my pastoral letter next week, I shall be detailing how we shall be celebrating masses to cater for the needs of all of you parishioners.

I thanks you for your resilience during the lockdown, Fr Jude and I are looking forward to leading you in worship face to face again.

I Remain your Pastor,

Fr Chinua Okeke CSSp

Parish Priest

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