August 14, 2020.


I learned my lessons and my FAITH developed through the Catholic Schools System. Sunday was a day to rest and Dads washed the family Holden car if you were lucky enough to have own one. The Sunday roast was a treat for us but only after we attended Mass as a family. It was quiet compared to other days.This was a day to reflect on life’s issues away from the workplace, from footy and other sports, and interests we pursued.

With the slower pace of life caused by this pandemic, I am praying to our Blessed Mother Mary for her intersession to open people’s minds to just what is important.

My heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones over this period. Due to Covid or not. Grieving is an important part of healing process. Restrictions on numbers attending funerals must be very difficult for many. Losing one’s parents is extremely painful.

So many times I have heard friends say “good always follows painful experiences” even if it is not apparent until much later on. The Lord seems to speak to our hearts and souls, during difficult times, when we need him most, don’ you think?

The world seems to be struggling with many difficult issues and those who have pushed God aside, on behalf of us Australians, have much to reflect on.

How lucky are we to believe and trust in the Holy Spirit. I BELIEVE and it feels good.

Maureen Sharpe.

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