September 25, 2020.

The COVID experience has been very positive for me. My Bank Accounts has increased due to the large amount saved on petrol. My leisure time has been increased due to cancellation of meetings and gatherings. There are no real negatives and life flows happily and serenely as it has done for me ever since my teen years. I attribute this to the strategy I adopted way back then – a single strategy to cover all the planning that is needed in life; Career planning, Financial planning, Health Care planning, Mental Health planning, Parental planning, Retirement planning, Aged Care planning, After Life planning etc.

This single strategy is best expressed as a French phrase “ Che Sera Sera” which translates in secular circles as “Whatever will be will be” and in Spiritual circles as Personal Covenant Development (PCD).
PCD requires from an individual, the development and maintaining of a personal covenant with The Almighty. For their part in the Covenant, each individual promises to do whatever the Almighty asks; and to accept totally whatever the Almighty permits to happen to them. Complete submission. Che Sera Sera.

This strategy has worked over a long period. There are many times, during these happy and serene days, when I sense that I can adopt hose beautiful words of Our Lady in the Magnificat. “The Almighty works marvels for me. Holy is his name”. It is marvellous how happiness and serenity can be felt even in the midst of a World crisis.
It actually provides a life changing opportunity for us all. Each Wednesday, Maureen Jones hosts a Zoom session which, among other things, discusses the Sunday Gospel. I am sure she can be persuaded to envelope (Opening/Closing) the session with a PCD, and allow 5 minutes before Gospel discussion to reveal the marvels that occur in our lives. Please contact her.

In summary, what I do during the lockdown has not changed all that much, only done differently.
Che Sera Sera. Stay safe both in this life and after.

John Brennan

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