January 29, 2021.

Dear Parishioners,

May the Peace and love of Christ be with you all. We thank God that with each passing day the Covid restriction in Victoria is easing.

From 1st of February, our regular parish programmes like adoration, benediction, rosary and anointing of the sick shall come back to life. All these programmes shall be administered in Covid safe manner.

This week, we shall have anointing of the sick on Thursday and adoration and Benediction on Friday. This Friday being the first Friday, the 24-hour adoration is back. However, it shall not be running for 24 hours yet, it shall be ending at 9.00pm on Friday until April when it shall be reviewed again. Due to social distancing, not more than Twelve people should be in the chapel at the same time. Each person must register his/her name in the provided register.

Our Parish Theme for this year, (2021), is OUTREACH.  We decided to repeat our 2020 theme because Covid restrictions prevented us from living out that theme.

We intend to implement our Parish theme by intensifying our ministry to the school families and young adults, increasing our visitations to our Parishioners, and supporting programmes which ameliorate the lives of the poor and marginalised.

Last year, some people wrote their name in the register of people to be visited as part of living out our parish theme. If you wrote your name last year, you may not need to repeat it this year, but if you did not, and would like a visit from the priests, please write your name in the sheet provided in the foyer.

From this year, there would be a change in how our primary schools and John Paul College is administered. Our primary schools, (St John’s, St Francis Xavier and St Augustine’s), will remain our parish schools, and John Paul’s College will remain our Catholic Regional College. However, following the recommendations of the Royal Commission on abuse of Children in non-government schools, archbishop Peter Comensoli has established MACS (Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic School LTD), to administer our schools. The archbishop is at the head of MACS, assisted by board of directors and Melbourne catholic education office. The parish priest still has a major role in the schools as the pastoral career for the students and staff and the custodian of the catholic identity of the schools.

Our new Parish secretary Hani Oldham begins her work in the parish office this week. She will be working with Christina Williams as parish secretaries.

Please, spread the Good News to all parishioners that they may now worship in person in our churches.


Kind Regards,



Fr Chinua Okeke CSSp

Parish Priest



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