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The bottom line of a Parish is to deliver all parishioners, at the conclusion of their lives, to the gates of Paradise laden with merit.

The understanding on how to achieve this is clearly outlined in scripture and this understanding needs to be passed on to every parishioner through group discussion with pastors and fellow parishioners. However most are reluctant to leave their homes in order to regularly join these groups.

The answer to this reluctance is to provide every parishioner with access to a “Parish Virtual group” which will allow home based face to face communication. This can be achieved by each parishioner advising the Parish of an email address on which they can be reached. The Parish will then send them an email containing a link to the parish group. Activating the link to join the group is simple.

A Parish support team can visit parishioners who do not have email access and set them up.

What can each parishioner do right now? Advise the Parish of your email address or your request for a visit from the support team.

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